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UAB "Verslo pagreitis"
Address: Gabijos str. 38 - 8
06157 Vilnius, Lietuva
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Company establishment

            Decided to start their own business in Lithuania? Not sure what the better choice - an individual company or joint stock company? Having evaluated your reasonable business risk in the future, we will help you:

  • free consultations on setting up business matters (setting up a business subscription services)

  • book temporary name of the company register of legal persons

  • to prepare the memorandum agreement, a statute Regulations

  • fill forms (JAR)

  • presents a notary to approve the memorandum documents approved by the instruments of hand in records center

  • we take a company incorporated in the certificate.

  • we provide legal (registered) address of establishing a company in Vilnius for a lump sum.

              Provide more information about UAB

             Joint Stock Company ((Lithuanian "uždaroji akcinė bendrovė", acronym "UAB") - a limited liability entity, whose main purpose is to profit from the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in non insurable.

             Founders (shareholders)

             UAB must be less than 250 shareholders, Ltd. founders (shareholders) may be natural and / or legal entities.

              Share capital and shares

                UAB capital is divided into parts called shares. UAB authorized capital shall be no less than LTL 10 000 (2 897 EUR) and must be formed by the founders of cash. The rest of subscription of shares may be paid in both monetary and non-cash contributions. Non-monetary contributions to be assessed by an independent property valuer in accordance with the laws.

               UAB management.

                UAB must have a general meeting and the single person management body - the company's manual. UAB can be a collegian supervisory body - the supervisory board and management body - the Governing Board. UAB liability under its obligations. UAB is a limited liability legal person in accordance with their obligations by its owned assets. UAB is not liable under the obligations of a shareholder, and such obligations shall not be liable under the UAB, except as provided in the laws of Lithuania.

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